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Gel eye mask

Eyes, eyes baby! If the windows to your soul are tired or puffy, soothe them with this smooth, cooling, on-the-spot sleep mask and (literally) chill.

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Fabric Mask: 100% Polyester. Gel: 100% Propylene Glycolusp


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Chels from London said on 14/02/2016

I suffer from black under eye circles and as soon this helped reduce them i got it! It usually takes me an 1 hour to fall asleep but after using this last night i was asleep within 5-10 minutes :) The only other bad thing was the fact was that it stung my eyes because it was so cold but it definatly an amazing S&G product!!

charl ryan from emgland said on 26/01/2014

I have very bad bags and dark circles as I do not get the sleep I hope for each night. but I have discovered that wearing this to bed not only cools your eyes and stops puffynes in the morning, it actually helped me sleep. it is not atall irritating and has a lovely cooling sensation, when I am trying to sleep at night I usually just stay up staring at the walls for some reason but this has actuall helped me sleep. love soap and glory products

stanka from stl said on 10/10/2013

I have never had nor needed any sleeping or cooling mask, but as soon as I saw this one I purchased and am loving it. It's so cool(ing) I wish I could wear it 24/7
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