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At Soap & Glory we believe one should always try to save face (Especially one's own). Give yourself a DIY facial with this unique new energy boosting face massage mini mitt.

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Fluffy from United States said on 25/10/2016

Was super skeptical, had heard great things about the products but never tired any of them. I have very sensitive rosacea prone skin and fragrance tends to push my "skin issue button" to the max so I have stuck with my same old regiment for a while now. I work at Sephora and have heard names like this being kicked around a lot in both good and bad terms. Lots of youtubers have don't reviews on the product but again I never looked too far into it.The other day I was putzing around a local store when I saw the adorable pink pinup girl coated tubs... LIke any girl I didn't have a choice, I couldn't help but pick up and smell the first tub I saw. It was the flake away body polish... I WAS SOLD on just the scent alone. I went home and used a small amount on my hands to see if it would break me out and didn't have any issues. A few hours later after multiple hand washing and dinner, I couldn't place where "that amazing smell" was coming from, only to realize it was my hands. They were so much softer and more radiant!! The smell is so light and fresh yet amazing. It is a smell I could use as my new perfume, a smell I could never get sick of. The next morning I hopped in the shower and took the pink tub with me and used it. The smell, the consistency the experience the texture of my skin afterwards it was amazing. I was in LOVE! That afternoon after work I went back to the local store and bought the vit. C facial wash, the hand food, and the righteous butter and LOVE LOVE LOVE them all. As bad as it sounds I no longer buy my skin care from Sephora where I am a skin care specialist I get my skin care from you guys! Don't stop doing what your doing you are all amazing and beautiful and thanks to you I feel and look beautiful as well!!!!!! You guys are the best!! <3 <3

dr blondie from malta said on 19/06/2016

This little cutie is my beauty routine essential. It really extends the life of my washing cream (which is very expensive, so this little thing helps a lot!!) I simply love it! stocked up on them for life, in case S&G discontinues the production. Soft, lightweight and so gloriously useful.

Sarah from Swansea said on 11/03/2016

Great to use for anything for the face from lotions to scrubs. It is gentle and washes easily, and my face feels like it has been thoroughly cleaned and soft.

Natasha from UK said on 16/08/2015

Amazing, extremely good for exfoliating but isn't too harsh on the skin.

Mae from Uk said on 15/08/2015

Absolutely love all of the Soap and Glory ranges! I cannot live without my Bath and Shower Orangeasm , my skin feels so clean and fresh afterwards .

luvs&g❤ from uk said on 14/08/2015

Omg soap and glory products are the best thing in the world how can u not live with them ?? My fav product is the archery brow two sided pencil cuz it does the job and it looks natural and not like drawn on pencils and that's what we want.

Mariposaminx from oxfordshire said on 13/08/2015

The Righteous Body Butter I ❤️ this so much that the tubs are just not enough have to have the 500ml bottle nothing worse than opening a tub & having to try & get the last of it out,as after a nice long shower using clean on me my other stranded on an island must have there really is nothing better than using very generous amounts to treat my skin.I have very dry sensitive skin so this rich cream just sinks in & my skin feels so soft,it's great for when you have the time to pamper your self by giving your skin a little
massage.Also love the larger size as I have 1 bottle in bedroom & the other next to clean on me shower gel as works both ways as if in a rush I can get out of the shower & use the pump to quickly get the moisturiser I need & then it's a quick apply & go,also love the scent as not into the citrus scents so this is a perfect scent for me my couldn't live without product.

Tilly from Bedfordshire said on 12/08/2015

I ❤ soap n glory!

Jojo from Adlington, Lancashire said on 12/08/2015

I love all the soap and glory products never been disappointed with any of them they smell divine and the scent lasts to couple of my faves are the righteous body butter the body sprays body scrubs and lip plumper just ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Them all
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