Soap & Glory™ Hair Turban™

Soap & Glory™ Hair Turban™


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Hair Turban Towel

Dry your hair up, up and away with the Soap & Glory™ hair turban. A lightweight, secure alternative to walking around with a heavy, wet towel on your head, the microfibres make for fast drying, too

Instructions for Use

Bend over & flip your hair over your head. Put the Soap & Glory™ Hair Turban™ on, button hole at the back, and tuck your hair into the front & sides.

Twist the front of the turban a few times so it's nice and snug around your hair. Find the button at the end of the twist. Then flip the twist over your head and button it securely into the hole at the back. (Now do your makeup, paint your nails, or thrash out to metal and have your hair stay put while it dries.)Wrap style with button closure.

Dries hair quickly. Designed to be lightweight, compact, and durable, the hair turban is ideal for everyday use at home, in the gym, and while travelling.

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Fibre content: • 100% polyester


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